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I remember reading the email in Starbucks on February 1st, 2015, I had sold a company two years prior and I was launching a new one.  My business partner Antoinette and I were in the process of raising capital. 

The email, from an investor who had invested in me before and had made a lot of money doing it, said this, "Rahul, You know I like you and I believe you can really make this thing successful but I just don't think it fits the goals of our portfolio at this time."  

That was it, he didnt even have the dignity to call me. I had made this guy over 3 million dollars the year before and now I got dumped via email. 

I had two choices; 

1. Try to raise capital from another Venture Firm


2. Bootstrap it and build a massively successful company again.

We Ended up growing LinkedListing into True North Alliances 

I chose option two, but this time instead of working with large organizations I chose to work with people like me, small businesses, and solopreneurs. 

I did just that and we now have an incredibly successful venture with over 200 clients.  The system we used to grow rapidly and stay strong during a Global Pandemic is the system we use for our clients. 

If you are ready for a heck of a ride, join us on this lucrative adventure! 


So I meet with my mentor Mark V. This guy started a company in college, built it to a thousand employees, retired at 37, got bored, and started a venture capital firm… Smart guy for sure.

Anyways, I asked him what I should do and he said “Tim, if you can create a million-dollar company without investors… do that.”

And so, with no money, clients or employees, I launched PEMA from a coffee shop. And, I signed up 5 clients in the first week. And, hired my first employee within my first couple of months. And within just over a year we hit that “Million-Dollar Company” status.

Now, I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 years now. And I’ve had plenty of big failures. So while this looks like an overnight success, in all reality, it’s taken me a long time to finally figure it out.

Here is the good news for you. You don’t have to spend the next 10 years trying to figure it out.

The truth is, the process that I used to create this fast success is the exact same process I use for my clients.

It’s the process that helped my friend Brook land $60K in deals within her first 3 months. It is the exact same process that helped my client Elliot land one $30K deal in his first 2 and a half months. And it is the same process we use for every client.


You see, PEMA is NOT some lead generation company. I KNOW what it’s like to get punched in the face over and over again trying to build your business. I KNOW what it’s like to hit rock bottom. And I KNOW what it’s like to have a GREAT product but not to be able to get clients.

With PEMA, you are going to have an entire team FIGHTING for your success. Getting you the leads you need, giving you the sales support you need, and even helping you get more employees as your company blows up.

While you can see some stories from our happy clients on our Case Studies page, I wanted to take a second to introduce you to the team.


Meet The Team Video

Look, we’re not a fit for everyone. We actually offer a guarantee on our service so we don’t take anyone on unless we can get an ROI for you.

But if we are a fit, I KNOW there is no other company out there that is going to help you like the PEMA team.

If you’re ready to have a team FIGHTING for your success, schedule a quick call with our team to see if we’re a good fit.

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