Agent Attraction

As a Company that specializes in working with eXp professionals, we understand the process and challenges you as a member of the eXp community face.  
Most of our eXp clients use the True North Alliance Gold Plan. In addition to what's listed we help our clients with cultural awareness and understand in building national and international teams. 

TNA Basic.jpg

Our Base Plan includes:

A. Algorithmic Profile Update

B. Target Market Identification 

B. Content Development 

C. Content implementation 

D. 300-400 new targets/month

E. Customized Messaging

F. Automated Cadence

G. Integrated CRM

Monthly Cost



This is our most popular plan.

This plan includes everything in the basic plan in addition to these important features:

A. Cultural Awarness/Coaching

B. Embedded Images

C. Customized Followup

D. CRM integrations

E. CRM Management 

F. Embedded Videos

Monthly Cost



Must qualify for this plan, a consult is required

This plan includes everything in the Basic and Gold plans:

A. Customized website for eXp recruiting 

The site is similar to this site:

B. This plan requires a 12 month 


C. You must Qualify for this plan

Monthly Cost